Welcome to New Moon Scribbles …

I said to my wife Yvonne that I would participate and attend her ‘running’ hobby – only if I can come and take lots of pictures and videos of the events … and I did! Now I need a whole site to store them all! LOL

I’m so proud of her accomplishments, that I even started to participate in some of the walking events myself! Hopefully there will be some running events too in the upcoming years. 😀

There are a lot of pictures on this site .. and a lot of links to videos that I’ve taken and uploaded to my YouTube account. All these were taken on my Canon IS2000A camera and there are some good and bad in the lot. I figure .. not every picture is worth a thousand words but some are worth more!

Hopefully .. the pictures eventually round out to be some great historical archives of HART and YVONNE’s progressive adventure in running and we’ll look back in fifty years and laugh about it!


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Welcome to New Moon Scribbles!

This is our online photo gallery related to our running and fitness adventures.